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Cisco CCNA Cloud 210-451 Questions & Answers

  • Question 1:

    An engineer must implement a solution that manages the infrastructure in the company data center, shows the cost of each item in the catalog, and automates the deployment of virtual machines from a self-service portal. Which type of cloud solution should the engineer implement to fulfill these requirements?

    A. hybrid

    B. private

    C. public

    D. community

  • Question 2:

    A company within a highly regulated industry plans to share threat information with its competitors in an effort to better secure their environments. The company intends to pay for its utilization without a large capital expenditure. All compliance aspects are well understood and architecture within any deployment will pass audits. Which cloud deployment method is most appropriate for the platform?

    A. community

    B. public

    C. private

    D. hybrid

  • Question 3:

    A data center administrator of a large enterprise organization must determine if Cisco UCS Central would be a good option for day-to-day operations. Which of the following is a feature of Cisco UCS Central?

    A. automatic high availability across the Cisco UCS stack

    B. complement to Cisco UCS Director

    C. centralized view of performance data

    D. centralized view of inventory, faults, and logs

  • Question 4:

    An IT manager wants to use the internal infrastructure of a company to host only business workloads and thus suggests moving the development environment to a public cloud provider. The finance director is concerned about costs and wants to pay only for the resources that are consumed. Which characteristic of cloud computing satisfies the financial requirement?

    A. metered usage

    B. elasticity

    C. multitenancy

    D. self-service

  • Question 5:

    A company wants to make IT operations more efficient and cost-effective. The company wants all workloads to run on the same set of storage, servers, and network equipment. Which characteristic of cloud computing makes this outcome possible?

    A. multitenancy

    B. elasticity

    C. resource pooling

    D. service catalog

  • Question 6:

    A client is deploying a NFS storage solution within its data center. Which option is required for other hosts to access this storage solution?

    A. Hosts must have a software initiator driver to access the shares.

    B. Hosts must approve permissions for each share in the NSF controller.

    C. Hosts must be defined in the permissions list for each share.

    D. Host shares must be directly mapped to each resource.

  • Question 7:

    Which two options are the primary goals of the OpenDaylight project? (Choose two.)

    A. Create a software platform for cloud computing.

    B. Grant access to the forwarding plane of a network switch via the network.

    C. Build a foundation for Network Functions Virtualization.

    D. Increase the number of usable VLANs in a multitenant data center.

    E. Accelerate the deployment of Software-Defined Networking.

  • Question 8:

    A system administrator finds physical hardware oversubscribed, yet all applications are deployed according to their minimum memory requirements. Which two actions separately can be adjusted to fix this oversubscription? (Choose two.)

    A. Increase the physical memory pool.

    B. Increase local flash storage on the host.

    C. Decrease the memory allocated per VM.

    D. Increase the number of virtual network cards on each VM.

    E. Decrease the number of VMs on the hypervisor.

  • Question 9:

    A company wants to take advantage of the latest virtualization technologies while still ensuring high levels of security, privacy, corporate control, and management visibility. Which cloud deployment model meets these requirements?

    A. hybrid

    B. private

    C. public

    D. community

  • Question 10:

    A client is deploying a NAS solution within its data center. How do other operating systems access this storage solution?

    A. Client operating system requires additional drivers to access shared resources.

    B. Client operating system accesses a directory path for shared resources.

    C. Client operating system accesses shared resources as if they are directly attached.

    D. Client operating system sees the shared resources as disks.

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