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Cisco CCNA 210-451 Questions & Answers

  • Question 1:

    An engineer must select a converged infrastructure that utilizes EMC storage. Which two types of architectures could the engineer use to complete this task? (Choose two.)

    A. VersaStack

    B. VSPEX

    C. Vblock

    D. OpenBlocks

    E. FlexPod

  • Question 2:

    An administrator is planning for a new Cisco Nexus 1000V deployment in a VMware vSphere infrastructure. Which requirement must the administrator satisfy before beginning the deployment?

    A. The vSphere Standard licenses are assigned to the hosts where the Cisco Nexus 1000V is deployed.

    B. The VLANs 1099 to 4047 and 4099 are not in use in the target network infrastructure.

    C. The Distributed Resource Scheduler is disabled in the vSphere cluster.

    D. The Cisco Nexus 1000v version is compatible with the installed vSphere version.

    E. The vSphere hosts are directly connected to Cisco Nexus or Cisco Catalyst network switches.

  • Question 3:

    A client is running several Cisco Nexus 9000 switches in fabric mode. During operation, the Cisco APIC cluster loses connectivity to the rest of the Cisco ACI fabric. What is the operational issue until the Cisco APIC cluster regains connectivity?

    A. The spines and leaves operate normally, and changes must be made via CLI on the master spine node.

    B. The spines and leaves pass Layer 2 traffic, and Layer 3 traffic is directed to the master spine node.

    C. The spines and leaves do not pass any traffic until the Cisco APIC cluster reconnects.

    D. The spines and leaves operate normally, and no new updates can be applied until the Cisco APIC cluster reconnects.

  • Question 4:

    A network engineer is deploying a new SDN network. In troubleshooting the deployment, the engineer discovers that changes are being delivered to the control plane devices but not beyond. Where in the framework is the disconnect?

    A. NetFlow communication

    B. SNMP communication

    C. API communication to control plane

    D. API communication to data plane

  • Question 5:

    An engineer has decided to use a distributed virtual switch as opposed to a standard virtual switch in a virtual environment. How does this choice ease the burden of management?

    A. The DVS pushes networking changes to all hosts that are part of the DVS.

    B. The DVS software package installation is an automated process managed by VUM.

    C. The DVS implements dynamic routing protocols at the virtual layer.

    D. The DVS detects upstream VLANs and automatically pushes them to port groups.

  • Question 6:

    An administrator has created a new LUN and must connect it to a host. Which two storage protocols support connectivity between LUN and the host? (Choose two.)

    A. SATA

    B. CIFS

    C. NFS

    D. iSCSI

    E. FCoE

  • Question 7:

    A cloud administrator must install and configure a new VMware vSphere cluster that consists of 24 hosts. The workloads that are running on those hosts run on a particular VLAN that is segmented from the rest of the environment. There are no other requirements for the networks that are attached to these hosts. Which type of switch should the administrator use when configuring the networks on the hosts to ensure ease of deployment and administration?

    A. upstream switches

    B. distributed vSwitch

    C. standard vSwitch

    D. third-party vSwitch

  • Question 8:

    Which three-tier model can be used when deploying a new virtual container into the cloud?

    A. web-application-database

    B. private-public-hybrid


    D. core-distribution -access

  • Question 9:

    An engineer has been asked to set up storage that will use CIFS or NFS. Which type of storage must be configured?

    A. Object

    B. Hybrid

    C. Block

    D. File

  • Question 10:

    An engineer must choose the technology to use with RedHat OpenStack and Cisco UCS. Which storage component meets the requirements of this solution?

    A. Open block

    B. VBIock

    C. VSPEX

    D. FlexPod

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